Aging In Place


  Whether you’re remodeling due to a disability or just planning for the future, keeping safety and accessibility in mind are always necessary. Your safety is our first concern when analyzing home modifications for aging in place. At Quality Tub & Tile, we are fully qualified to help you regain your independence at home.
Quality Tub & Tile is a local company servicing the bay area (from Gilroy, San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, to San Francisco). We can assist you in creating your independence at home. We are well experienced in installations of wheelchair accessible showers (Barrier Free any configuration). Bathtub cut-outs are also an option. The beauty of calling Quality Tub & Tile is that we know how to do many things to create and/or keep your independence. Call other companies and they try to sell you their one solution. We are not a sales company but rather a full service company ready to facilitate your needs. Call us today for answers to your independence questions.

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Perfect solution for independence!

Perfect solution for independence!

What is aging in place?

Aging in place is a term used to describe a senior living in the residence of their choice as they age, while having the support or services they might need over time as their needs change, for as long as they are able. Of course, this is not a cure all to all problems. Common sense is needed when deciding of how aging in place will benefit you. This aging in place is to help you benefit from the quality of life you have now and as you age. Things change as you change.  Let’s plan now!

Changes in life!


As you begin aging in place, it is important to consideBlue_Green_Purple_Candles_on_White_Shelf_beige_Background_IMG_0532_LR_bcir the changes and how they will impact your life. As we age, our bodies and capabilities change. Here are a few things to consider:
Reduced vision
Decreased muscle strength/endurance
Increased chance of falls due to balance
Decreased mobility
These few examples happen to most of us as we age. So to plan for them is a wise thing to do. With the proper planning we can have greater control over what happens to use and improve our quality of life and Independence.

Aging in place is your choice

you decide how you want to spend your retirement time and you also get to decide how you  want your home set up.

You ain’t gotta be old

Aging in place is not for old people its for responsible people who want to ensure there quality of life. This aging in place is one way to not burden family as you age. Retired or not it is time to set your aging in place plan in action. If you are caring for older ones we can work with you to insure the needs and desires of your loved one is meet.


Enjoy time and independence.

Enjoy time and independence.

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