A Bath Remodel Can Be Easier Than You Think

A Bath Remodel Can Be Easier Than You Think

When it’s time to remodel a bathroom you will have many questions. The key to hiring Quality Tub & Tile is that you are selecting a company who is able to provide a trouble free installation with guaranteed results. We have been doing this for many years and know how to please you. It all begins when we listen to your concerns about your project then we put your concerns at rest with a plan of action fit for you.

Bath Remodel Easier

New Bath

Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic Bathtubs are more than just beautiful. They are a low cost alternative to complete demolition and can be done many times in just a day. Just think of it your worn out bathroom looking and feeling new in just a day! Our Acrylic liners are made of the thickest material. This co-extruded high impact A.B.S. acrylic has a smooth, non-porous finish that is easy to clean and is more acid and alkaline resistant than porcelain. Every liner is custom molded to match your bathtub for an exact fit. This is a case when you don’t want to use recycled material. Acrylic is better when made from virgin material that is why we use virgin materials for all of our acrylic. There are some other benefits to using acrylic in your bath room it is warm, such as when bathing your water will be warmer longer up to three times longer than cast iron. One of the best things about acrylic is that of its maintenance keeping it clean is a snap. For easier cleaning and safety, the liners come with a molded-in, slip resistant bottom. Your installation may include a chrome (other finishes available) drain and overflow cover.

Acrylic Walls

We can also surround your beautiful bathtub with the same material acrylic. Our walls are the perfect compliment to your new tub. The wall system is designed to be installed right over your existing tile walls. Our wall systems surround your tub or shower walls floor to ceiling eliminating the maintenance problems of regrouting and sealing. Check it out we also offer several patterns that have the look and feel of stone. To top it all of we have matching accessories such as soap dishes and shower caddies to finish of your job quite nice.

How Can We Do Such A Good Job So Fast?

After we carefully measure and photograph your bathtub all of that data is sent into the factory. Your bathtub is identified and a mold exactly like your tub is used to form a sheet of acrylic into a beautiful new bathtub liner. All what you have ordered is packaged together so when we arrive at your door step we are ready to get your job done in as little as a day.

A Tub Is A Tub Right?

When it come to choosing the right tub for your bath remodel, which way to go? Cast iron tubs and acrylic tubs have been rated by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) to last 25+ years and fiberglass is rated for only 7 – 15 years, depending on the quality of the brand. It will begin to develop surface cracking that will eventually crack clear through. It is, of course a lower initial cost and that is why so many builders use fiberglass. Life span for a PVC tub is even less. You see PVC tubs used in most manufactured housing, due to the initial savings. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” could never be more true!

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New Tub and Shower

Isn’t Acrylic The Same As Fiberglass

When thinking about bath remodels remember our bathtub liner systems are made of the same premium acrylic used by the finest spa and tub manufactures in the world. There are many things used to remodel bathrooms, but one thing that bath remodels can benefit from is acrylic. WHY? The bathtub inserts are strong enough to resist impact and regular use. The cross-linked acrylic affords you the strongest, most resilient acrylic surface available for bathtubs, walls and showers and is the thickest acrylic in the industry.  Not only is it strong and durable, it is so easy to maintain. Because the acrylic liners and wall surrounds are non-porous there are is no place for germs to grow.  You’ll find that a squeegee is all the cleaning you’ll need to do.

Just like gold and tin are both metals, acrylic and fiberglass are both plastics. The main difference is that fiberglass tubs have a gel-coat finish. This is a sprayed on surface that is very thin and becomes porous in a short time. Acrylic tubs have an actual sheet of acrylic that is heat applied (co extruded) over the tub. The surface is comparatively very thick and will give years of non-porous surface strength.

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